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Accounting & Tax Sol​utions


Service Pricing 

"Experienced, Professional and Affordable"

Tax Preparation

Tax Returns for Individuals

$150  - Individual Tax Return 1040 EZ 

$300 - Individual Tax Return 1040 (Filing / Single, Married Jointly, Head of House) 

$350 - Individual Tax Return 1040 (with /Sch. A Itemized Deductions) 

$475  - Individual Tax Return 1040 (with /Sch. C Sole Proprietor) 

$475  - Individual Tax Return 1040 (with /Sch. E Rental Property) 

$225 - State Tax Return (If your state of residence requires to file out of state return)

$25 - For additional forms required to file your tax return (example form D, credit forms, etc.)   

$475  - Sole Proprietors 

$475  - LLC's 

$475  - PLLC's 

$475  - Estate & Trusts

$475  - Rental Property 

$675  - Multiple Properties

$850 - S-Corporation 1120S 

$950 - C-Corporations 1120

$850 - Partnership 1065

$75    - WA B&O Taxes 


Tax Returns for Businesses

"Our goal is to minimize your taxes so that you keep more of your hard-earned money"

Tax Preparation Services for Individuals & Businesses 

Here's what you get....

  • Your tax return is reviewed and discussed with you before filing

  • Prepared by a experienced professional

  • Discuss future tax saving opportunities commonly overlooked that your entitled

  • Electronic filing and direct deposit for a faster tax refund

  • Calculate estimated taxes for individuals & self-employed small business owners

  • Timely response to your questions

  • Tax Planning and Strategy

  • Individual & Business Consulting 

  • Peace of mind   

*All business tax returns are different and based on filing requirements.  Pricing will vary based upon owners, depreciation schedules, K-1's, shareholder basis tracking, and any other schedules that may pertain to your business tax return.  

"We'll help you take control of your finances so you can focus on your business"

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting & Bookkeeping - Plans for all Business Sizes 

$60   - Monthly Plan - Self Employed Home Based Business (1-10 Bank Transactions)

$125  - Monthly Plan -  Small Business (20-50 Bank Transactions) 

$175  - Monthly Plan -  Small Business (50-75 Bank Transactions) 

$275 - Monthly Plan -  Small Business (75-100 Bank Transactions) 

Accounting & Bookkeeping  

Here's what you get.... 

  • Financial Statements - Profit & Loss Statement, Bank Reconciliations, & Balance Sheets

  • Prepared by a professional, accurate financial reports, budgeting, forecasting and consulting

  • Tax Deductions Tracking 

  • Strategic tax planning and financial forecasting*

  • Discuss future tax saving opportunities commonly overlooked that your entitled to*

  • Quarterly, monthly, and annual financial statements

  • Timely response to your questions

  • Tax planning and strategy*

  • Payroll* 

  • Business tax returns*

  • Owner, individual, and business consulting* 

  • Audit Ready

  • Peace of mind   

*Monthly plans do not include federal or state tax filings.  Tax Strategy and forms of consulting included with tax filings.  Tax returns and payroll can always be added onto your monthly plan.  

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We can't avoid paying taxes, but we can avoid over-paying them. 


Our experience and professionalism will help save you time and money.



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